Progress into the Implementation of the England Cancer Strategy: One Year On

All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer & Macmillan Cancer Support | Published online: 23 September 2016

Image source: Macmillan

In July 2015, the Independent Cancer Taskforce published its report Achieving WorldClass Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy for England 2015–2020 (the England Cancer Strategy). Following on from this in May 2016 NHS England published an Implementation Plan: Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes: Taking the strategy forward (the Implementation Plan) which outlined how the recommendations from the England Cancer Strategy will be rolled out nationwide. Following the publication of the Implementation Plan, the APPGC launched an inquiry into the progress made since the publication of the England Cancer Strategy. Having reviewed submissions from over 30 stakeholders and listened to oral evidence from those leading the implementation of the England Cancer Strategy, we have identified three key recommendations

This inquiry finds that, one year on from the publication of the England Cancer Strategy, there remains broad consensus amongst witnesses and respondents to the inquiry on its recommendations. This report outlines three recommendations on funding, transparency and accountability, and involvement of organisations with expertise and interest in cancer.

Read the full report here

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