Cancer Strategy

This Thursday there will be a General Debate on the Cancer Strategy in the Commons chamber.


Following on from the Coalition Government’s 2011 cancer strategy, Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer, in January 2015 NHS England announced a new independent cancer taskforce to develop a  five-year action plan for cancer services, led by Sir Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK. The plan would build on NHS England’s vision for improving cancer outcomes as set out in the NHS
Five Year Forward View. The independent cancer taskforce’s five-year strategy for cancer, Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy for England 2015- 2020 was published in July 2015.

This debate pack outlines the progress so far in implementing this cancer strategy and provides statistics on survival rates and the NHS cancer workforce. Finally, this paper pulls together commentary and analysis from official, parliamentary and third sector organisations.

Further information is available at

The full report can be viewed here

Full reference:

Bate, A. et al |Cancer Strategy |19 February 2018 |Retrieved from |

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