All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)report on breast cancer finds inequalities in diagnosis, treatment and care based on where you live

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer | A Mixed Picture: An Inquiry into Geographical Inequalities and Breast Cancer | 2018

A Mixed Picture: An Inquiry into Geographical Inequalities and Breast Cancer has found that people in England are experiencing differences in their diagnosis, care and treatment due to their location rather than their clinical need. In response to this the APPG ran an inquiry from October 2016 to November 2017 to discover where and why inequalities arise and what the possible solutions might be.


mix pic
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Evidence presented to the inquiry showed some innovative and high performing services, but  unacceptable differences exist at every level of geography. Some regions of the country perform better in certain areas of care or treatment than others. Stark differences in the availability of services can also occur within very local geographies, from town to town or even within individual towns and cities.

This report outlines key recommendations to address these disparities, the authors call on NHS England and Public Health to address these inequalities through better workforce planning and data collection; as well as calling for  improving the consistency, transparency and accountability of commissioning and delivery of cancer services through new NHS improvement and structures.

The report can be read here 


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