Supporting the emotional and mental health needs of people with cancer

The Mental Health Foundation | April 2018 | Supporting the emotional and mental health needs of people with cancer

The psychological impact of having cancer has been little researched. In response to this The Mental Health Foundation has conducted qualitative research with patients diagnosed with cancer in Scotland. Their research focused on the negative mental health impacts of cancer, how effective support can be delivered, the barriers to support and the unmet mental health support needs.


The interviews identified the post-treatment phase a an especially volatile time for mental wellbeing.  To address the unmet need in terms of service provision for mental health during cancer and to strengthen existing programmes, they  make the following recommendations:

  1. There needs to be greater awareness by all service providers of the mental health impacts of cancer and the need to support emotional wellbeing and mental health
  2. The right support needs to be given at the right time
  3. Tailored, person-centred support needs to be offered at all stages of the cancer journey
  4. There must be more collaboration and communication between service providers
  5. Improve signposting for mental wellbeing services
  6. Provide clearer and more co-ordinated support pathways after treatment
  7. Improve the provision of support across Scotland
  8. More research is needed into how best to tackle social deprivation and co-morbed health inequalities
  9. More research and awareness is needed to design cancer and wellbeing support services that engage BME communities
  10. Ensure all people with cancer have access to some level of tumour support (The Mental Health Foundation)

    You can download the full document from The Mental Health Foundation 

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