Trial of prostate cancer saliva test

A new test which uses saliva to identify men with a high risk of developing prostate cancer has been devised by international researchers led by scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research, London.  The DNA test which identifies the 1 per cent who are at highest risk of prostate cancer, and are also six times more likely to develop the disease than the general population. The scientists will now trial the test in 300 patients across three GP practices in London (via The Institute of Cancer Research).

This study has recently been published in Nature Genetics 

NHS England Time to talk about the prostate cancer risk in black men and what we can do about it

In the media:

The Independent Prostate cancer saliva test could identify men more likely to contract killer disease

BBC News Prostate cancer spit test is trialled
Mirror Simple £10 saliva test to identify the men with 50% chance of developing prostate cancer

Guardian Trials begin of a saliva test for prostate cancer

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