The role of allied health professionals (AHPs) in supporting people to live well with and beyond cancer

NHS England | October 2018 |Quick Guide: the role of allied health professionals in supporting people to live well with and beyond cancer 

Two years after the launch of AHPs into Action, NHS England have produced a quick guide intended to support health and care staff who share an interest in making faster progress in improving outcomes for people living with or beyond cancer. This includes Cancer Alliances, cancer care teams, primary care teams, provider organisations, commissioners, third sector organisations, education and research institutions, alongside AHPs and the professional bodies that represent them. This quick guide is aligned with ongoing work by NHS England to promote equality and reduce health inequalities. 

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This quick guide aims to:
1. Support the improvement of care and services for people with cancer.
2. Raise the profile of the role of AHPs in leading the design and delivery of care and
support for people affected by cancer.
3. Encourage, support and inspire AHPs to recognise their central role and to lead on this agenda.
4. Share examples of innovative AHP practice in cancer care.
5. Highlight the aspects of strategic transformation that are particularly relevant to AHPs and explain how this links to everyday AHP practice. (Source: NHS England)

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