Clinical oncology UK workforce census 2018 report

Royal College of Radiologists | March 2019 | Clinical oncology UK workforce census 2018 report

The Royal College of Radiologists have published their workforce census for clinical oncology.  Clinical oncology UK workforce census is conducted on annual basis, it has three foci:

  1. Provide comprehensive, accurate and timely information on the number, distribution and working patterns of consultant-grade clinical oncologists employed in UK NHS cancer centres.
  2. Forecast future workforce numbers and working patterns
  3. Estimate the extent to which future workforce supply and demand for cancer treatments are aligned

According to this report: “cancer services will only improve with concrete action to boost staff numbers and equipment across diagnostics and treatment”.

clin onco
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The key recommendations are structured around the report’s findings:

  1. Workforce shortages have increased and are forecast to increase further
  2. Clinical oncology trainee numbers need to double to close the growing gap between supply and demand
  3. Consultant clinical oncologists are showing signs of stress and burnout, with early retirement resulting in the loss of valuable expertise.
  4. Consultants have less time supporting professional activities (SPAs),  which are vital for quality improvement
  5. Workforce gaps are variable across geographies and roles, with some areas, such as Wales, being particularly adversely affected.

The full report is available from The Royal College of Radiologists 

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Clinical oncology UK workforce census 2018 report

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